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How to Request a Free As-Built Estimate

ClearLogicGroup provides free estimates to our customers for Architectural As-Built Plans and Field Surveys.
As-Built services include field survey with laser site measuring and As-Built AutoCAD drafting. We provide as-built field services to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Send your request for a free estimate to support@clearlogicgroup.com.  If possible, please include the information listed below for faster service.

For a Free Quote on Your As-Built Project:

Do you have any existing plans of your building? Do you want any plans converted to CAD or field verified?

Type of project? Residential, Commercial, Mixed-Use, Retail, Office, Hospitality, Institutional, Industrial?

What is the purpose of your as-built? How will your plans be used?

What is the address of your property?

What is the approximate square footage of your property?

How many buildings on the property will be surveyed? Include any detached buildings (i.e. garage).

How many floors does your building have? or Typical number of floors per building?

Do you need: Site Plan, Foundation Plan, Roof Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations, Interior Elevations, Sections? Other?

Do you need As-Built Photography or Video documentation for Site Verification purposes?

Do you need Site Verification or Auditing?

Include any relevant information from your local planning or building department.

What is your deadline?

Include your professional contact information: Name, Phone number, Mobile Number, Email Address.

Your role in the project?: Owner, General Contractor, Licensed Engineer or Architect?, Real Estate Professional, Planner? other?



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