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How to Request a Free As-Built Estimate - Pricing

ClearLogicGroup provides free estimates to our customers for As-Built Plans and As-Built Surveys.
As-Built services include field surveys with laser site measuring and As-Built 2D/3D drafting. As-Builts can be ordered in AutoCAD, Revit or Matterport. We provide as-built field services to the San Francisco Bay Area. We prepare pricing for Residential, Commercial, Mixed-Use, Office, Retail, Hospitality, Institutional, Industrial As-Built projects.

Send your request for a free estimate to Info@clearlogicgroup.com.  If possible, please include the relevant information listed below for faster service. If you are not sure, give us a call at 510-630-7771

For a Free Quote on Your As-Built Project:

  • What is the address of the property you need surveyed?

  • What is the purpose of your as-built? How will your as-built plans be used?

  • Do you currently have any existing plans of your building?

  • How many buildings on the property will be surveyed? Include any detached buildings (i.e. garage).

  • How many floors does your building have? or Typical number of floors per building?

  • What is your scope of work for the as-built? Please request this from your Architect, Designer, Engineer or General Contractor.

    Scope Suggestions: Site Plan, Foundation Plan, Roof Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations, Interior Elevations, Sections? Other?

  • Do you prefer a 2D and/or 3D CAD As-Built?

  • Do you prefer AutoCAD, Revit or Matterport drawings?

  • What is your timeline?

  • Include your professional contact information: Name, Phone number, Mobile Number, Email Address.

  • Your role in the project?: Owner, General Contractor, Licensed Engineer or Architect?, Designer, Real Estate Professional, Planner? other?



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