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ClearLogicGroup - Free CAD Drafting Estimates for Construction Plans to CAD

ClearLogicGroup provides free quotes to our customers for Construction related CAD Drafting projects. EMAIL your request for a free estimate to  If possible, please include all relevant information listed below for faster service.

For a Free Estimate on Your Project Include:

Project Objective:   Include a brief Description of the Project Scope- i.e. Conversion, Mark-Ups, Permit Plans, Rush, Specialized CAD?, Let us know so we can help you more effectively

We will base our quote on your Sketches, Drawings, Photos and/or Markups:   The following formats are recommended: JPG, PDF, DWG.

Contact Information:  Client Contact Person, Company Name, Phone number, Mobile Number, Email

Project Information:  Project Name, Proposal Deadline, Project Deadline, Deliverable.

Drawing Lists:  Please include a list of files sent for review.

CAD Standards:   Do you want us to match your CAD Standards? If possible, send a Template file.

Your Estimate:  If possible include your own estimate: number of hours and budget.



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