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As-Built Surveys - Safety Issues

ClearLogicGroup provides As-Built Construction Drafting services for Renovation and Remodel projects.

Our site specific As-Built Drafting services include:

Architectural Construction As-Builts for Residential, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, Commercial, Office, Retail, Hospitality

It is our goal to provide you with quality as-built drawings as the basis of your project.

Safety Policies for As-Built Surveys- Addressing Complaints of Refusal to Survey Areas

Remodeling your property is a big project. Being willing to proceed in a step by step manner & to address issues in advance can save you time and money.

Recently we received a complaint on Yelp from someone who had dead rats on their property at the time we surveyed it. Consequently, we decided to outline our policies here. These issues, if not addressed, can cause your project to be cancelled or interrupted. We strongly recommend hiring an Architect, Engineer or General Contractor as a first step in your remodel process. A trained professional can catch and handle small red flags before they become large problems.

Our as-built field technicians & project management staff will evaluate a site for what is safe or not safe to survey based on company guidelines developed from years of experience. We do not ask our team to proceed if we decide that the area may not be safe to enter. We occasionally receive complaints from clients who try to force us to proceed to survey areas we have already categorized as potential trouble for our staff. Our policies are posted here in answer to any complaints on Yelp or Social Media.

  • We reserve the right not to survey properties which have pest infestations: this can include, rats, spiders. We advise cleaning up and securing your property before your survey is scheduled. If we find evidence of rats or other pests on the property, your survey may be cancelled, even if you claim the problem is resolved.
  • Environmental Hazards, Hazardous Chemicals: We refer clients to Hazmat or remediation specialists.
  • Structural Hazards - We can usually work with your Architect, Engineer or General Contractor to navigate these kinds of hazards. We require that you have one available for advice and guidance if your property is structurally hazardous to enter.
  • Hazards due to fire, wildfire, flood etc. Projects will generally be cancelled or rescheduled if a natural disaster unexpectedly impacts the area of the requested survey.

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